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Unleash The Speaker Within You – Smash Your Speaking Goals in 2021!

Despite all the major shifts that the events industry had to endure last year, no skill was more highlighted than the value of high-impact public speaking, thanks to virtual events. As we enter a new year where people seek more human connection than ever, and learning requires more purposive engagement, a confident public speaker can make a huge difference to any event programme. 

So, are you ready to take the leap in 2021?

Whether it’s for a panel discussion or a presentation, here’s how you can unleash the public speaker in you:

Ease your way in
Is the thought of a solo presentation too daunting? Ease into the speaking scene. Volunteer as a panellist or moderator at industry events to get your feet wet.

Walk into the (virtual) conference room with confidence
To appear confident is to speak with clarity and certainty. Sprinkle your presentation with stories only you can tell from your personal experience. Remember that the audience will join the event not to judge you, but to learn from you!

Be “accessible” to your audience
Make an everyday anecdote (something everyone can relate to) a part of your presentation topic. The more accessible your content is, the more your audience will feel that they can comfortably react, listen, or interact with you, even online.

Learn from the pros
Stand on the shoulders of giants. Pay attention to details like the pauses in their speeches and the movements of their hands. Does their voice become powerful when they discuss facts or mellow when they are telling an inspiring story? Choose the habits that work for you or twist them to suit your own style.

Remember the visuals
If necessary, use visuals like a short video clip to keep your audience engaged and break up the session. It can help you explain complex points, pace your talk, and add color to your presentation.

Be proud of your experiences
One of the most common issues of an aspiring public speaker is feeling that they are not good enough. Like many literary works, movies, and TV shows use similar plots, so too does everyone tell the same story in a similar fashion. However, YOUR experiences, no matter how big or small, are rich presentation tools. Only you can deliver them with your unique perspective.

Build your personal brand
If you want to take your speaking a step further and get recognized in your industry, start your own blog and write thought leadership articles that resonate with you and your peers. Attend key industry events and share your experience on your social media platforms. Join online communities and participate in industry dialogue.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now to get discovered by organisers. It’s time to take your brand to the next level and make an impact in your community!

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