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Speakers can now share their Speaker Profiles with others

We heard that some Speakers would like to have a way of sharing their Speaker Profile, in order to:

-Showcase their speaking capabilities on social networks (eg. LinkedIn)
-Improve their profile by receiving third party reviews and ratings.
-Easily and quickly share their speaking credentials with Organisers.

We delivered, and Speakers can now publicly share their Speaker Profile with anyone – even if they are not signed up to ALTAFY.

How can Speakers showcase / share their Speaker Profile with others?
A direct link to their Speaker Profile is located in a dedicated box at the bottom of the Profile itself.  All they need to do is paste it in the location they want to share it – it’s that easy!

We are continuously listening and improving our functionalities for our speaking community. So, should there be any more suggestions, feel free to get in touch!

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