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Smash your speaking goals in 2020!

Are you an aspiring public speaker? The new year is an opportune time to set aside your fears and challenge yourself. Here are some tips on how to take that plunge, and enter a rich world of sharing, learning, and connecting.


  • Cultivate your unique point of view and share your story


Are you always ahead of the curve? The new year is a good time to take stock of the unique skills and experience that you bring to your industry. Next, start to build a compelling story and share this with a larger audience who will benefit from your expertise.


  • Build your personal brand


Start your own blog and write thought leadership articles that resonate with you and your industry. Attend key industry events and share your experience on your social media platforms. Join online communities and participate in industry dialogue.


  • Expand your networks and reach out


Attend industry conferences and events. Spend some time connecting with people during coffee and lunch breaks. If you see a conference that you like, reach out to the organisers with your resume and possible speaking topics.


  • Ease your way in


Is the thought of a solo presentation too daunting? Ease into the speaking scene. Volunteer as a panellist or moderator at industry events to get your feet wet.

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