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Six tips for creating an engaging webinar

Part V – Refresh, adapt, innovate: Public speaking in the time of COVID-19

Six tips for creating an engaging webinar
Don’t let this pandemic downtime and the cancellation of live events  prevent you from getting ahead with your business goals as a public speaker or event organiser. With a sizable number of people working from home, there couldn’t be a better time for some learning and development online. Keep the momentum going by organising some webinars for your audience. Not only will these help raise your influence but also help generate useful leads for the future.

Here are our five top tips for creating a session that your audience will love:

Choosing the right topic

The success of your webinar largely hinges on selecting a topic that will appeal to your audience demographic. Create something that will excite them enough to set aside an hour of their day for you. Do some research about issues that interest them and think of ways in which your presentation can offer clear solutions or add value.

Pick the right speakers

Choosing the right speakers is another crucial step in securing a good turnout for your webinar. Ensure that they are subject matter experts who are respected in their industries. Assess their speaking styles and choose someone who will bring their personality and some positive energy to the conversation. Nobody enjoys a monotonous voice, especially during an online presentation. A good moderator will also be able to steer the discussion in an engaging way.

Use great visuals

Give your audience something nice to look at. Instead of text heavy slides, pepper your presentation with interesting or even provocative photos, snazzy infographics, short video clips or GIFS to convey your message in an entertaining way.

Keep them engaged

It’s easy for webinar participants to switch off while viewing slide after slide. Keep them engaged by using all the interaction tools on your webinar platform like live chats, polls, surveys, and a Q&A session.

Don’t forget to do a dry run

It’s absolutely essential to do a dry run with your speakers to ensure that all equipment is functioning as it should, and that they are familiar with the functionalities of your webinar software. It will also be useful to assign someone to be in charge of technical support during the event so that they can smooth over any glitches quickly and efficiently.

Pump up your pre-event publicity

Write a blog post about your upcoming webinar, featuring interesting tidbits and quotes from your speakers. Use catchy event hashtags on your social media platforms to drive further engagement. A short and dynamic video clip featuring key talking points can also help pique your audience’s interest.

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