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Show me the money!

Public speakers spend many hours researching and preparing for a stellar presentation. Here are some  ways to ensure that you are duly compensated for your time and effort:

  • Don’t be coy. ALWAYS enquire if the event that you have in mind has a budget for speakers.
  • New to the scene? Start small but learn how to negotiate. For example, an event organiser might not be able to pay you, but you could ask for footage of your presentation, that you can add to your showreel. Some others might be keen to market your books or services to their clients.
  • Adjust your rates according to the revenue of the organisation that you are targeting. A Fortune 500 company is more likely to have a bigger budget than an SME. At the very least, try to get your travel and accommodation paid for.
  • Have pictures and videos of your previous presentations up on your website. These will give event organisers a sense of your reach and value, and make it easier for you to negotiate higher fees.
  • Think about what the organiser wants. In addition to your presentation, can you conduct a workshop or offer 1-on-1 consultations for a select group of attendees? You can create different price packages for the organiser by combining these value adds together with your baseline speaking fee.

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