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Raise your speaking game: Record a podcast

Podcasts are a great tool to spread your influence and authority as a public speaker, especially in these pandemic times where many live events have been postponed or cancelled. These bite sized recordings are also a good way for aspiring speakers to practice their skills and cut their teeth.

Here are our top tips to get you started:

Find your niche
Pick a theme or topic that will enable you to offer a unique point of view so that your podcast stands out from the crowd. Is there something that you want to be known for? Are there certain client pain points that you can address?

Suss out your competition
Visit online podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify and look at categories that are the most relevant. In these categories, zoom in on the top speaking topics. These reflect listeners’ demands, and might offer you some insights on how to fine tune your own podcast topics to get maximum engagement.

Consider having a co-host or guest speaker
Is there an industry peer that you often have insightful and lively discussions with? Consider inviting the person to be co-host on your podcast to liven up the conversation. Alternatively, inviting industry relevant guest speakers from time to time is another way to pique audience interest.

Get the right equipment
Some of the basic things that you will need include a good quality standalone microphone, and a headset so that you can hear yourself clearly. Download some basic editing software. Tools like Audacity or GarageBand are available for free.

Pick a podcast host
This is where you will upload the audio files for your podcasts as well as podcast cover art. You will then be issued with a RSS feed (a unique URL) that you can submit to podcast directories.

Spread the word
Offer a “Subscribe to” option on your personal blog or website. Share interesting tidbits about your podcast episodes on all of your social media channels. Be sure to ask your audience to leave a review on your podcast listing so that your podcast gets pushed up the ranks. Lastly, network with fellow podcasters in your industry and ask them to plug your show.

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