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Put yourself forward!

Volunteering for public speaking engagements, press interviews, and panel discussions can help boost your visibility in your organisation, and put you in a prime position for that next promotion.

Here are some tips on becoming that go-to expert in your industry:

  • Establish a unique point of view

In addition to keeping abreast of the latest developments in your industry, do some of your own research and constantly speak to movers and shakers. This can help you develop deeper insights, and unique perspectives.

  • Build your personal profile and boost your brand

Create a platform for your thoughts. A blog with regular thought leadership posts is a good place to start. You could also create your own podcast, or tweet about the events that you attend. Organisers appreciate recognition from delegates, and your posts will put you on their radar too.

  • Get proactive at work

Let your PR department know that you are open to media opportunities that require your expertise. Volunteer to represent your company as a speaker, moderator, or panellist at industry conferences.

  • Schmooze with the industry

Reach out to the organisers of events that you admire and share your expertise. Get familiar with the media folk covering your industry.

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