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Professional speaking: Five ways to market yourself

Improving your visibility and professional clout is key to your success as a professional speaker. Here are five ways to get on everyone’s radar:

  1. Collaborate with your existing clients and other contacts. Spread the word that you are eager to share your knowledge on XYZ and open to speaking engagements. Word-of-mouth referrals are a great way to get a foot in the door.
  2. Join a professional speakers’ database and elevate your presence. Corporate companies tap on these portals for their speaking engagements. These platforms also offer extensive networks that could help you land your first paid gig.
  3. Keep a keen eye on your industry’s event calendar. Do not hesitate to reach out to event organisers to offer your expertise if you see a suitable opportunity.
  4. Start a blog or website. Create dedicated content that will set you apart as a thought leader in your community.
  5. Completely new to the scene? Offer to speak for free to build up your networks and hone your presentation skills. Once you’ve established yourself as a trusted resource, the paid gigs will start to come.

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