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New Feature on ALTAFY: Event testimonials and feedback 

Speakers on the ALTAFY platform can now add testimonials and feedback from previous speaking engagements to their Speaker Profile. 

Aiming to improve the speaker experience, the newly added “Testimonials/Feedback” tab will complement the existing “Ratings and Reviews” section.  While the latter needs to be filled out by Event Organisers, this new functionality can be filled out by Speakers based on the feedback that they personally receive. 

“Organisers often rely on third party endorsements when choosing a Speaker for their events. They want to know what type of events the Speaker has taken part in and what the Speaker brought to the table in terms of content and delivery,” says Emma Hawker, Founder, Altafy. 

“Through this new tab, Speakers will be able to immediately showcase testimonials they have received from previous events while they amass new Organiser ratings and reviews on their ALTAFY profiles. We hope this helps to further boost their credibility and reach,” Hawker says. 

How can Speakers add previous testimonials and feedback to their Speaker Portfolio? 

-Login to Altafy. 

-Head to the Speaker Profile and click ‘Edit’. 

-Scroll down the Speaker Profile to the Portfolio section called ‘Event Feedback’ (after ‘Books’). 

-Simply copy / paste any previous Testimonials received (including the name of the event and the date). 

-Click ‘Save Changes’ and exit. 

“If Speakers haven’t completed the rest of their Speaker Profiles yet, this ‘downtime’ is the best time to do so!” concludes Hawker.  

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