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How to write a winning speaker bio

An engaging speaker bio will not only enable you to get more event bookings, but also draw a bigger crowd to your presentation.

Here are four easy ways to make yours stand out:

Trumpet your credentials
Clearly state your academic qualifications, work experience, publications, or any awards that you have won through the course of your career. Provide a brief list of your most significant speaking engagements to date. Include a few testimonials from satisfied clients.

Example: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/biography/

Robbins zooms right into his credentials before breaking up the rest of his bio into clear sections such as his key offerings, coaching strategies, and philanthropy.

Remember to customise
It’s important to tailor your bio according to your target audience. When it comes to your achievements, bring forth the ones that will resonate the most with your attendees. For example, if you are speaking at an academic conference, be sure to highlight any journal publications, or research organisations that you have collaborated with.

Example: https://www.wobi.com/wbf-nyc/lynda-gratton/

Here, Gratton’s bio focuses on her research surrounding the future of work, which would be of great interest to the senior business executives attending this conference.

Explain why you are different. What problems can you solve?
Give your audience a reason to pick your session out of a busy conference programme. Tell them about your core expertise and some unique takeaways that they can expect from your session.

Example: http://yasminekhater.com/about/

Khater’s bio clearly states what she can do for you – boost your sales strategies and whip your business back into shape.

Inject some personality
Adding your personal story or an interesting anecdote about yourself can help you connect with your audience, and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Example https://www.steverizzo.com/about-steve/

Rizzo’s bio includes a personal anecdote about his high school years, and his determination to prove his doubters wrong.

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