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How to spice up your presentation title 

Your presentation title can determine whether you will be speaking to a completely packed room or a half empty one. Conference programmes are usually crammed full of  interesting presentations, so how can you craft a title that stands out?

In this article, we share the building blocks of what makes a great presentation title so that your next event becomes one that everyone flocks to.

Let’s start things off with the topic, “Employee engagement in small businesses.” This is a popular topic at leadership conferences so ensuring that you differentiate your offering can vastly improve your audience turnout.

Highlight their top takeaway

Your presentation title should immediately tell your audience how they stand to benefit from your session. Zoom in on a few specifics and take a “how to” approach. 

Example: How to engage restless millennials in SMEs

Offer your unique point of view

How can you make a familiar conference topic more distinctive and fresh? A good way to do this would be to address some of the pain points experienced by your audience, head on.

Example: Top strategies to reduce job-hopping in SMEs

Add a number…and some intrigue

Adding a number in front of your presentation title to signify the number of points that you will be covering, is another subtle way to gather interest. It gives the reader a more tangible sense of what to expect. Very often, the sweet spot is three or five pointers as this gives you ample time to elaborate on each point. Additionally, throw in a teaser that would ignite their curiosity. 

Example: 3 ways to engage SME employees that doesn’t involve money

Tell a story

Everyone loves a good story, especially if it is one that they can relate to. Often such stories or case studies take the audience on a journey of growth from Point A to Point B. 

Example: Orion Global: How creating a culture of ownership reduced employee turnover 

Photo credit: Fabienne Hübener

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