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How can virtual events help grow your business?

Virtual events are a great way for marketers to keep their brands on top of their customer’s minds, especially during this pandemic where in-person networking events have greatly diminished. Here’s a look at how such events can help grow your business during these challenging times.

Boosting your brand’s visibility

Virtual events featuring your company’s subject matter experts will help increase your brand’s visibility, and encourage further engagement via your company’s website and social media channels. It also sends the message that your organisation is on the ball, even during a pandemic and willing to share useful knowledge and information that will benefit your clients.

Establish yourself as thought leader in your industry

Establishing yourself as a go-to resource for the industry is probably the best endorsement that you can have for your brand. Hosting regular virtual events where experts can come together to share industry best practices, challenges, and other insights is a great value add for your clients. It will also help cement your company’s reputation as a thought leader.

Build networks and gain new leads

Virtual events are a great way to reestablish contact with existing clients. Such events often highlight some of the pain points or challenges that your clients face, opening up new avenues for business development and growth. The networking opportunities might also help your business gain new leads.

Reach beyond your local audience

One of the best things about virtual events is their ability to transcend geographical boundaries. For many companies, this means that they are no longer restricted to their local market. Gaining the attention of a global audience can help your business expand into new and untapped territories.

Connect directly with key decisions makers

Live polls, chat boxes, and quizzes are some of the ways in which virtual event technology allows you to connect directly with your audience, and build rapport. A virtual event that offers quality content that addresses customer pain points, will encourage attendees to stay connected and continue the conversation post-event.

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