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Get Rewarded by Telling Your Friends About ALTAFY

Did you know that Speakers can get rewarded for telling their Speaker friends and peers about ALTAFY?

Our intention is for ALTAFY to be completely FREE for Speakers – even the upgraded packages! This is what differentiates us from other services on the market.

We have created the ALTAFY $ Rewards Programme to incentivise Speakers and our ALTAFY speaking community to for helping to spread the word about ALTAFY (to fellow subject-matter experts and industry peers), in exchange for ALTAFY $.

The accumulated ALTAFY $ can be automatically deducted to pay for upgraded ALTAFY packages (such as AMPLIFIER and MANAGER+), and can also be used for services available now and in the future through the ALTAFY website.

To earn ALTAFY $, Speakers can do things such as ‘Refer’ fellow Speakers through the box under ‘My Account’, or share their Personal Referral Code with their Speaker networks.

To find out how many ALTAFY $ have been accumulated, speakers can log in to their account and see the ‘A’ box in the top right corner of their profile:

To Find Out More About How Speakers Can Start Accumulating ALTAFY $, visit the ALTAFY $ section under:

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