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How to keep your contacts warm during this downtime

While there is a lull in the live events industry, there is no reason for you to keep a low profile during this pandemic downtime. Staying engaged with your core audience now could foster new opportunities as the industry recovers. 

There are multiple ways in which you can reach out to your target audience, and stay relevant and memorable. At the same time, do remember to adjust your tone, and keep your communication efforts thoughtful and considerate. 

Here are six ways to meaningfully engage your audience:

Talk to your audience

What issues are at the top of their mind now? What topics would be of value to them in the current climate. What are their most preferred channels of communication? Pick up the phone and call them, or write a personal email to get some feedback and ideas.

Stay connected digitally

Keep in touch with your audience regularly via email updates. Check in on them and ask them how they are doing. Tell them what you have been working on. Share useful tips or content to help them solve problems, or upgrade their skills and knowledge during these trying times. 

Create a virtual event

Conduct some free online workshops that offer solutions to some of the key issues raised by your audience. This is a great way to build your influence and also generate leads for paid gigs in the future.

Offer some quality content

Sharing eBooks, whitepapers, or industry relevant reports that you have authored can help grow your mailing list and generate new leads. If you do not have any, now’s a good time to create some for the coming months.

Stay active on social media

Post or share relevant content on social media platforms frequented by your audience. Help answer questions or offer some of your insights, without selling anything to them. Support your peers and their outreach efforts (e.g. give a shoutout to an upcoming workshop conducted by your industry peer) and they will be sure to do the same for you.

Show some personality

One of our favourite professional speakers, Chester Elton, has been peppering his LinkedIn feed with gratitude posts which reveal lovely snapshots of his family and other things that he is grateful for. These reveal his personality and instantly make him more relatable. Don’t be afraid to reveal your own challenges or vulnerabilities.

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