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Five PowerPoint hacks for engaging presentations

PowerPoint or any other presentation software is a great tool for public speakers to drive home their core message. Yet, many make the mistake of using it as a crutch.

Make the most out of your slide deck by following these


Structure comes first
Do not start building your presentation using a slide deck. Draft your core message and structure your ideas with a solid introduction, middle, and conclusion, before diving into your slides.

Keep it simple
A presentation slide that is crammed with text can stress out your audience. Instead use short sentences, a single word, image, chart, or simple infographic as a launchpad for discussing key points.

Your slides are not a substitute for notes
Avoid reading bullet points off your slides. Any pointers should be written down separately on note cards for your reference.

Pick a fresh but non-distracting template and stay consistent. Do not use more than two types of complementary fonts. Use bold or vary the font size for emphasis.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse
Spend time rehearsing your presentation from start to finish. Doing this multiple times will improve your flow, pace, and transitions. Don’t be afraid to cut down on unnecessary slides. Stick to your time limit.

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