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Event organisers: Help your speakers maximise engagement

Maximising the engagement and satisfaction levels of attendees is a key determinant of an event’s overall success.

No one has more direct opportunities for attendee engagement than the speakers that you have hired for the event.

Here are four ways to help them make a deeper connection:

Share your audience demographics beforehand
Providing speakers with details about your audience demographic can help them customise their content and tone. For example, are attendees mostly C-suite leaders or young middle managers?

Content marketing
Find ways to promote your speakers in the lead up to the event apart from straight up ads. Creative content opportunities such as magazine features, guest columns, and video interviews will excite both your speaker and your future audience.

Live polling
This a great way for speakers to get real time feedback and encourage audience participation. Your attendees are also more likely to retain information thanks to its interactivity.

Fireside chats
A great alternative for speakers who are anxious about giving a full presentation. It follows a more informal Q&A format which sets both attendees and speakers at ease. They can speak from their personal experiences, and have more immersive conversations.

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