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Event cancelled due to COVID19? Host a webinar instead

Many conferences and industry events worldwide are being cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus situation. But the learning doesn’t have to stop. With more employees working from home, it’s an ideal time for them to advance their skills online.

So why not reposition your event as a webinar?

Our top tips for creating a webinar that your audience will love:

Tell them why they should listen
Start off right by explaining how they will benefit from the webinar, and outline the key takeaways that they can expect.

Boost interactivity
This is key to keeping your audience engaged. Ask them questions along the way to set them thinking, or inject some humour to keep things upbeat. Use tools such as live polls, chat boxes, or short quizzes to encourage participation.

Captivate them visually
Webinars lack the visual interaction offered by an in person presentation. Share a photo of yourself in your intro. Liven up the session by adding other photos or infographics. Embed short video clips. These could be case studies, a product video, or even a brief interview with an expert.

Offer a reward
Incentivise your audience for tuning in to your webinar. Offer a small gift such as a free e-book, a discount voucher, or free demo of your service.

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