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Drive that discussion : Our beginner’s guide to panel moderation

Have you been invited to moderate your first panel discussion? Congrats! That shows that your industry values your knowledge and expertise.

Here are our four top tips for maintaining a lively and engaging discussion:

  • Research and preparation

Doing a bit of research can help stretch your mileage during the session. Find out about the latest developments in your industry and understand your audience profile. Look for something new to discuss. Get acquainted with your panellists prior to the event.

  • Plan your discussion

Prepare an outline of your discussion with some key questions or talking points that you would like to tackle, and think about the time you would like to allocate to each of these. Share this with your panellists in advance.

  • Ensure that everyone gets their moment

It is important that every panellist gets the chance to talk. If one panellist is dominating the discussion, pay attention to the person’s natural pauses, and interject at the right moment to bring the conversation over to another panellist.

  • Engage your audience

This can be as simple as asking them to raise their hands to specific questions. If you open the floor to questions, remind audience members to keep their questions short and sharp.

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