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Content is King

Give your audience a reason to stay with you. Here are five steps to creating compelling content for your next event.

1.Find out about the nature of the event

Always conduct some background research about the event that you will be speaking at and gain a good understanding of your audience profile. Is there an overarching topic or agenda? What industry verticals is it targeted at?

2.Understand your audience profile

Are you talking to SMEs or MNCs? Are they senior executives or line managers? This would help you to address their pain points if any, and tailor your content.

3.Create a clear purpose

Evaluate your strengths and areas of expertise. What are the top three things that you want your audience to take away from your speech?

4.Build your topic

What are some key market trends in your industry that would interest your audience? Is there anything newsworthy that you can expand on? Are there any interesting company case studies that you can use?

5.Be entertaining

Delegates take time off their business schedules to attend industry events so take them on a memorable  journey. Successful public speakers often add a performance element to their speeches. We once had a former gymnast turned motivational speaker do a pommel horse routine on stage.

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