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Boosting your brand with strong visuals

Good visuals can go a long way when you are building your online profile on your personal blog or a public speaker platform such as Atlafy.

Here’s how to put your best face forward:

1. Upload a great profile photo

  • Use a recent photo that is reflective of your current self.
  • The photo should have a non distracting background.
  • Think about your facial expression. You want to appear confident and approachable.
  • Ensure that your face is well lit, in focus, and takes up at least 60% of the photo.
  • You do not need a professionally shot photo, but avoid taking a selfie.

2. Include photos in your blog posts

  • Posts with photos get higher click throughs.
  • Share photos of yourself in action that highlight the scale of your audience or type of events that you speak at.

3. Upload a showreel

  • Create a 60 to 90 second video montage that shows you speaking on stage at events.
  • Include positive audience reactions, testimonials from satisfied clients, or some straight to camera footage of yourself addressing your clients.

 4. Share your work

  • Upload snippets of your latest presentations and conference handouts.
  • Stream your presentations using tools such as Keynote Live or Slidebean Live Mode so that your followers can watch you in real time on their mobile devices.

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