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Altafy is primed to support the revival of live events!

This week started off with some good news for the events industry. Bigger exhibitions and conferences with up to 250 participants are expected to resume in Singapore in the coming months.

With the Singapore Tourism Board and the Ministry for Trade and Industry accepting proposals for MICE events from Oct 1, Altafy is primed and ready to help business professionals, marketing teams, and event planners navigate their speaker acquisition journey for future events. Our main goal is to make organising events easy and accessible for everyone!

“As a former organiser of large scale conferences, I always found it very time consuming to engage business leaders and subject matter experts to speak at our events. I created Altafy to address this pain point and connect both parties in a seamless and time efficient manner,” says Emma Hawker, CEO and Co-Founder, Altafy.

“While physical events are making a gradual comeback, virtual events will not be disappearing anytime soon. The Altafy platform gives organisers easy access to speakers from all over the world who can present virtually. Speaker acquisition is no longer limited to your local pool of speakers,” adds Hawker.

Are you an organiser planning your next event? Here are seven reasons why you should sign up for a FREE trial with us!

  1. The Altafy platform is fully automated and self-service. This makes the speaker acquisition and management a breeze even for less experienced organisers.
  2. We offer an extensive and diverse database of speakers with expertise across key industry verticals. It is very likely that you will find some hidden gems that you previously did not come across in your search.
  3. Our platform also enables you to find speakers who are willing to speak for FREE unlike other platforms where all speakers are paid or charge high fees. We offer speakers across a wide range of speaker fees.
  4. The search function on the Altafy platform is extremely targeted allowing you to narrow down your speaker search according to some very specific parameters.
  5. Most corporate speakers need approval from the marketing and communications team before they agree to a speaking gig. With this in mind, we have created the ‘Speaker Manager’ package (also FREE) for an individual in the Marcomms team or similar, to represent multiple speakers from the organisation. All speaker requests are directed to this main contact person. This helps to streamline the approval process and save valuable time.
  6. Altafy offers an integrated Productivity Tool, which keeps track of the speaker acquisition process. Organisers can track the current status of negotiations, a history of previous events and conversations, and which speakers were hired.
  7. Altafy’s independent speaker rating and review system ensures that you pick a quality speaker for your event. The speaker’s portfolio, past organiser reviews, as well as speaking calendar can help you further determine the speaker’s calibre.


Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash


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