Altafy hosts live feedback session to help speakers shine online

Altafy’s first ever live feedback session was a resounding success, attracting speakers from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Australia, the UK and the US.

The complimentary session took place on July 9, with the aim to provide business professionals, leaders, and emerging speakers with feedback and tips on their delivery, engagement, and presence during virtual presentations.

Each participant was asked to do a short 10-minute virtual presentation that was evaluated by Emma Hawker, Founder of Altafy, and Karolina Gwinner, Virtual Leadership Speaker and Trainer.

“We wanted to gift our speakers with something that would help them thrive in these challenging times. They were very receptive and eager to put our suggestions into practice,” says Hawker.

The online event shed light on some of the common challenges faced by speakers in a virtual setting such as keeping audience members engaged throughout the presentation, avoiding filler words, and creating strong and vibrant presentation slides.

Engaging with a virtual audience requires a little more effort, imagination, and storytelling, says Gwinner. “Connect with their hearts, and their minds will follow.”

Here’s a bag of tips and tricks gleaned from the sessions with our experts:

  • Open with a bang! Get their attention by asking a question that would make them think.
  • Highlight the benefits that your audience will gain from your presentation.
  • Keep your personal bio short and powerful
  • Give yourself a healthy glow by placing a desk lamp or box light behind your camera.
  • Instead of just running PowerPoint slides, convert some of them into JPEGs and use them as a virtual background. Positioning yourself in front of this background and addressing your audience will create a bigger impact.
  • Use quality images for your slides to make them pop. Websites like Pixabay offer beautiful images for free.
  • The camera absorbs 20% of your energy, so it is ok to be a bit over the top to get your points across. Use natural hand gestures and look directly at the camera to boost engagement.
  • Elevate your mood before your presentation. Listen to your favourite music and set your intentions on how you plan to make an impact in the lives of your audience

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